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Discussion Forum : Give PM Modi your inputs for next Budget | Business Standard
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4yrs 5months 3weeks 14hrs 23mins ago | COMMENTS [385] | Budget

Give PM Modi your inputs for next Budget

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited ideas from the public for the Union Budget 2016-17. The Prime Minister is of the opinion that Budget consultations should not be restricted to round-table meetings with industrial houses, economic experts, or academicians. He said there is a need to change this structure of engagement to make the Budget-making exercise more 'social friendly' by taking the views of the common people. So, here is your chance to tell the Prime Minister what you want from the next Budget. Post your views in the comment box below. Business Standard will send a selection of the best suggestions to the Prime Minister's office.

Mananiya Pradhan Mantriji, Namaskar. Rulers see through their ears. They cannot choose to listen only to the flute and neglect the other instruments in the orchestra. That was partly the problem with NDA I and the UPA goverments. Please accept that we are in the midst of an agricultural crisis for several decades now, the dimensions of which Dr. MM Singh and his coterie of economics scholars are unable to gauge, much less to contain. For too long, agricultural, food and cropping policies have been kidnapped by economists, since the days of Dr. Mahalanobis. An expert is someone charged to prevent to minimize egregious errors within their own areas of competence. However, our economists seem to claim certain otherwordly gifts of omniscience, including the brilliant MM Singh, and many members of ICRIER. I am not aware of where they have acquired their training in the natural and plant sciences, nor the economics texts that allow them so confidently to make sweeping pronouncements on what agriculture can or cannot accomplish for Indian growth rates and income distribution. The asinine nature of their remarks make me weep. Dr. Singh in particular cannot forget the leap from USD 15 to $300 billion pursuant to the reforms ushered by him. He is unaware of the vast potential waiting to be unlocked by many-faceted changes in the agricultural landscape. His own Border Areas Development Program is highly laudable and essential to India's survival, but languishing for the lack of trained specialists. Our agricultural and plant science establishment are singularly lacking in scholarly competence, with the exception of a handful of gems who are not given their due. There are many ills plaguing this most important of sectors, which needs a thoughtful hearing. Mr. Prime Minister, please urgently communicate with the many Indians, some of them expatriate, who have no axes to grind, and who will not grovel or try to extract some advantages, unlike the vast majority of Dr. Singh's cronies. You are making a grave error if you feel that solely export-led growth or make-in India cna solve our multifarious problems. Why that is so, should be the subject of thoughtful discussions. There are many learned people around other than the coterie of courtiers in Delhi. Please take advantage of them. Intelligent people will treat you as an honored colleague, and not as a glorified boss. If you can deal with that, you will be well served. Many of these folk live abroad, and will not bow to Indian codes of conduct that are observed only in their breach. Respectfully, Gautam Bhattacharya.
Sunday 28th of February 2016 11:41:22 AM
Modiji here are few points: 1. In agriculture sectors there are lot of subsidies and good guidelines to the farmer regarding fertilizers and crop but when it comes to machineries which we(Farmers) use in the land are charging heavily. we know that they(machinery owners) made big investment on machineries and we can think in their perspective, however as you did in the Natural gas subsidy, you can also fix up the minimum price for the farmers on machineries usage (hourly fixed price) and actual demanded money (in respect to Machinery owners) should reach the particular owner(by the way of money or subsidy to him for next purchase). This may be again burden to the economy but in order to improve our agricultural production this will help. All the farmers can grow more without hesitation, this will also control the loan burden to the farmers. 2. No basic rule for Farming labours, some people work on daily basis without proper time and payment structure, this can be considered. 3. Fair price shops are giving what we grow more. This should stop. When we are sowing the Ragi, what is the use of getting the same in Fair price shop
Monday 22nd of February 2016 03:14:13 PM
1. Double your investment in primary school education. 2. Collect a standard tax of Rs 2,000, Rs 5,000 or Rs 10,000 from small shops and self-employed entrepreneurs all over India. 3. Set up tax-exempt investment bonds for primary education and for health insurance for the poor. 4. Organize a socio-economic profile for every village in India, using a standard format. Hire young graduates to help prepare this profile. Prepare a development plan for every village in co-operation with states.
Thursday 11th of February 2016 06:10:37 PM
The call for entrepreneurship is heard all around. One side it seems to be great endeavor and a lot of start ups seem to getting on. But on the flip side there is another story of the already running tiny enterprises which the government needs to have a serious look into.Many number of tiny enterprises face sever financial constraints and the severity is mostly around 10 to 20 lakhs which is not costly than the car of a corporate boss.Even many face financial crunch for a amount as small as Rs 1 lakh or 2 lakh to cater to their needs. Not a single bank has a scheme for personal loan for Self employed businessman and even if they have,practically they dont lend.So what will this common man do for an urgent personal need .There is no value for the ITR filed by self employed businessman. The Honble Prime Minister shall kindly consider this and make it mandatory that a certain percentage of personal loan shall be compulsorily given to self employed business or else it can only be construed small self employed business are just treated as second class citizens
Sunday 7th of February 2016 11:25:16 PM