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End of an era: Google replaces G-chat service with Hangouts after 12 yrs

BS Web Team | New Delhi Jun 27, 2017 01:49 PM IST
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Google has decided to call the curtains on one of its most loved products- the Gchat messaging service- after 12 years of operations. The decision comes as the technology major wants its Gchat users to roll over to Hangouts, which is another Google-owned platform offering adult instant-messaging (AIM) service.

Google Talk or Gchat was an in-built messaging platform for Gmail users and was rolled in 2005- a year after the launch of the world's most popular e-mail service, owned by Google. Gchat, services of which will be subsumed under Hangouts from Monday, is one of the first AIMs to have amassed a global appeal for its simplicity and ease and is touted to be the king of AIMs for this reason among user circles.

Other than being struck by the loss of a personal favourite, the switch will not impact users much as contacts will be automatically transferred to Hangouts and new features like GIF support will be available for those having Gmail accounts.

There will be a major change in the appearance of the chat window, which is being touted as being more 'modern'. However, for those who prefer the old over the new look, there is the Dense Roster option that can be selected from the settings in Hangouts. 
Among other messaging service platforms offered by Google are Allo, Duo, Android Messages, and Google Voice- any of which can be used in case one is not happy with the Hangouts service.

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