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Mired by ownership battle, McDonald's shuts 80% Delhi outlets as hygiene take toll

Arnab Dutta | New Delhi Jun 29, 2017 01:30 PM IST
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Fast food major McDonald's is shutting nearly 80 per cent of its stores across Delhi-NCR starting today. Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt Ltd (CPRL), which runs the McDonald's franchise for North and East India, has been forced to close down 43 of its 55 outlets in the region as it failed to secure regulatory health clearances to keep the business rolling.
While the move could prove to be lethal for the firm, maintenance of quality and hygiene at the stores had been an ongoing issue since mid-2013.

The decision comes at a time when the long-drawn battle over the ownership of CPRL between its founder Vikram Bakshi and McDonald's India has dislodged the company from the growth track. The conflict has also hampered its profitability, while most other quick service restaurant chains have managed to grow. CPRL is a 50:50 joint venture between the two and is currently operated by four board members — Vikram Baksi, his wife, and two representatives of McDonald's.

According to data available at the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, CPRL’s revenue growth fell to six per cent in 2014-15 compared 29 per cent in 2010-11 as investments came to a standstill. The slide being pronounced in 2014-15, when CPRL posted Rs 645 crore revenue compared to Rs 609 crore in the previous year.

In 2013-14, too, revenue growth halved to eight per cent from 16 per cent in 2012-13. In 2012-13, CPRL generated Rs 562 crore in revenues and in the previous year it stood at Rs 490 crore. Data has been sourced from the industry.

Persons in the know said CRPL's revenue slide actually began earlier if the revenue growth rates of previous years are taken into account. From 27 per cent in 2011-12, revenue growth in 2012-13 was down to 16 per cent, the sharpest drop in five years.

Moreover, highly placed sources in the company told Business Standard that maintaining hygiene and store-level efficiency became a major headache since 2014 as indecisiveness hampered day-to-day operations. Bakshi did not receive calls and an SMS sent to his mobile number remained unanswered.

Bakshi had dragged McDonald's to court in 2013 after the multinational company announced its Indian partner would cease to be the managing director of the equally owned joint venture. Bakshi had argued that McDonald's move to remove him was linked to its objective of buying his stake at a cheap price. McDonald's denied these charges.

While Bakshi has indicated since that he is ready to settle the matter out of court, McDonald's seems to think otherwise.

From 27 new stores opened in 2012, the number whittled down to three in 2015. In between, CRPL opened 13 new stores in 2013 and nine stores in 2014, sources in the know said.

The CRPL board includes Bakshi, his wife, and two McDonald's representatives. The equal representation has seen the Bakshis and McDonald's at loggerheads, notably, since the legal tussle began. Predictably, the poor condition of the business has resulted in attrition levels growing. From around 12-14 per cent a few years ago, it is now in the region of around 30 per cent, persons in the know said. When quizzed on attrition levels, Bakshi told Business Standard a year ago that talented people were leaving the company.

Timeline: A Dismal Saga

August, 2013 : McDonalds announces that Bakshi's term as MD of CPRL has ended on 17th July, 2013 & alleges Bakshi of misconduct.

September, 2013 : Bakshi moves to CLB against allegations by McDonalds.

October, 2013 : McDonalds moves to LCIA for arbitration; Bakshi appeals to the CLB, Delhi for a stay on LCIA proceedings; CLB refuses to issue a stay.

January, 2014 : Bakshi offers to buy 50% of CPRL shares held by McDonalds India; McDonalds says it is interested to buy Bakshi's holdings instead.

October, 2014 : McDonalds offers Bakshi Rs 120 crore for the 50% stake he owns in CRPL.

November, 2014 : In reply to McDonalds offer, Bakshi demands Rs 1800 crore; CLB member B.S.V. Prakash Kumar asks McDonalds India to revise its offer amount by 25th November.

July, 2016: Delhi HC allows McD to pursue arbitration at London Court of International Arbitration; Bakshi approaches Supreme Court

September, 2016: SC reject Bakshi’s plea

June, 2017: CPRL decides to shut down 43 out of 55 outlets in Delhi-NCR

Net sales of Connaught Place restaurants over the years
(in Rs crore) FY15 Change FY14 Change FY13 Change FY12 Change FY11 Change FY10
Net Sales 645 6% 609 8% 562 16% 490 27% 385 29% 299
Source: Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs & industry

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